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    What is fudge sauce we hear you ask!? It is our most popular and delicious fudge flavours handmade into a thick, creamy and utterly indulgent liquid fudge. This sauce can be enjoyed either hot or cold and can be dunked into, spread over and poured onto anything to transform it from tasting ordinary to devilishly different.

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    Sea Salted Caramel Liquid Fudge

    Award Winner - Great Taste Awards 2013!

    This creamy fudge sauce is so good it is award winning. Judged by a panel of food experts, our Sea Salted Caramel Fudge was awarded a gold star for its full taste and unique smooth texture.

    Our Sea Salted Caramel fudge sauce is truly a taste sensation.

    Fudgey Waffles

    Make Weekends sweeter! Lightly toast waffles or make pancakes and spread Sea Salted Caramel fudge sauce over the top to make a devilish breakfast treat.

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    Rich Chocolate Liquid Fudge

    Chocholics Dream!

    Our Rich Chocolate fudge sauce is truly a chocoholics dream. Made with fresh whipping cream and Belgian chocolate it is handworked on a marble slab which is what gives it a unique thick and creamy texture. Our fudge sauce is smooth, rich and utterly irresistable - one jar most definitely is never enough!

    An indulgent ingredient:

    Our fudge sauce is an ingenious secret weapon for sweet toothed foodies who love to source the highest quality ingredients. Try warming and drizzling over profiteroles for the perfect Dinner Party dessert.

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    Vanilla Toffee Liquid Fudge

    Best Selling Flavour!

    Traditional Toffee fudge established itself as our most popular flavour over 25 years ago and has worn the favourite fudge crown ever since. This was our first ever fudge sauce flavour and has become our best seller.

    Scoop straight from the jar! Can you resist?

    Made in our Canterbury store , our Manager Mikey is an expert in creating our smooth and creamy fudge sauces. Once you have opened a jar of our Classic Toffee we find it almost impossible to resist simply scooping it from the jar and savouring its sweet and creamy taste that melts in your mouth.

    Fancy a fudge fondue ?

    On those chilly evenings we all want an indulgent treat. Try warming a jar of Classic Toffee fudge sauce and use it as a fudge fondue. Use stawberries & biscuits to dip into it or if you are feeling extra naughty try sticks of dark chocolate!Our fudge sauce is creamy, thick and completely unique. Made in small 10 kg batches, each is hand worked by creaming the liquid fudge for up to an hour on a warm marble slab to ensure it doesn’t set.

    This brand new duo Gift Set contains a jar of Vanilla Toffee and a jar of Rich Chocolate fudge sauce, presented in luxurious packaging. It is perfect for pouring on Ice Cream, using as an indulgent ingredient or can even be warmed and used as a lavish fudge fondue. This liquid fudge is pure decadence and can be enjoyed both hot and cold.
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