Charlotte Flower Chocolates :

Charlotte Flower Chocolates are all hand-made on the southern shore of Loch Tay, in Highland Perthshire. We use high quality 70% cocoa chocolate, filled with a fresh double cream ganache (made with white, milk or plain chocolate) and natural flavours. Throughout the year, the chocolate selection available will follow the seasons, always changing and developing, always using fresh, natural and whenever possible locally available ingredients. We love the amazing range of flavours available in pure cocoa and single origin chocolates all have their own distinctive flavour and character. While they are amazing on their own, sometimes we come across a Scottish flavour that we think adds to a particular cocoa bean to create something even more special. We use local wild plants that we collect ourselves as well as ingredients sourced from the ever-growing Scottish specialist food sector to create a unique new flavour for our chocolate thins and bars. We really love eating chocolate thin, and make a beautiful range of single origin patterned thin discs.

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