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Chef Books is a specialist publishing venture delivering premium recipe and cook books for the professional and domestic readers. Chef Books presents a range of skilled and passionate authors from across the globe. Chef Books is currently celebrating the success of Chocolate to Savour, the first book from Australian pastry chef, Kirsten Tibballs. Chocolate to Savour provides a definitive guide to the art of the chocolatier with easy-to-follow recipes and step-by-step photos that is suitable for the professional and domestic market. Other titles of Chef Books include John Slattery’s Creative Chocolate Recipes and A World of Chocolate, which include inspirational recipes from the 2011 World Chocolate Masters. Chef Books will also publish upcoming Relais & Châteaux cook books for North America. Previous titles include A Taste of Summer by Brian Turner CBE, Obsession Cookbook by Northcote’s Nigel Haworth and Fish, Indian Style by Atul Kochhar.
A World of Chocolate - Standard Edition - By Chef Books £25.00
A World of chocolate - deluxe edition by Chef Books £55.00
Chocolate To Savour by Kirsten Tibballs 
Published by Chef Books £70.00
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