Luxurious Easter Treats from Chocolat Lovers

Chocolate_Lovers_Fudge_HamperIf like us, you find the generic low quality Easter eggs available on the mass market a complete waste, then you may be interested in the range of luxury Easter egg products available from the Chocolat Lovers boutique.

The Easter Gourmet Fudge Treats are a delight on the taste buds, and are sure to instil salivation in the lucky recipient. With an Afternoon Tea Fudge Hamper, a Gourmet Fudge Slim Slider Collection or a Chocolate Lovers Fudge Hamper, you’re bound to find the perfect gift to celebrate the Easter season.

Chocolat Lovers only stock gourmet and artisan chocolate of the highest esteem, and offer brands such as the Fudge Kitchen and Gorvett and Stone. With such a wealth of high quality products available all on one website, is the place to go to browse both luxury and specialist chocolates like an Exploding Chocolate Egg, a Cinder Toffee Easter Egg or an Allium Egg filled with truffles.

As far as Easter is concerned, the Fairy Tale Gourmet chocolatiers make delightful gifts for those who love the story and magic of Easter. Products include Humpty Dumpty’s chocolate egg filled with shells, Snow White’s Apple filled with marshmallow and the golden egg from Jack and the Beanstalk.

Diabetic chocolate and vegan chocolate will also be harder to come by at Easter, but those requiring such products needn’t be disappointed with Chocolat Lover’s range of specialist diabetic chocolate gifts. MULU Chocolate have a scrumptious organic solid Easter Egg. This delicious raw chocolate is handcrafted with Ecuadorian cacao butter, agave nectar, cacao powder, sunflower lecithin and ground vanilla. Make sure no one is left out this Easter!

So, for your perfect luxury Easter gift this spring, head over to Be sure to explore our Chocolate and Chat blog, full of fantastic cocoa related news and chocolate gift ideas.

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