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One &Other York – Biggest Chocolate Hamper 16th September 2013

One & Other York - 16th September 2013

DolceDella – Chocolate Blog. December 2013

Fish and Chips, Morecambe and Wise and, most importantly, Christmas and Chocolate.

It’s that time of year once again where it is perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and tea (or dinner if you’re posh!) and during the festive season it is simply a given to replace your regular five a day with five treats from a box of Celebrations.

I was lucky enough to receive a beautiful box of choccy delights from the ultimate on-line chocolate boutique, Chocolat Lovers, recently and given the fact I’m usually happily settled in the savoury camp when it comes to snacking, I was surprised at how much I enjoyed devouring the contents of the little black box.

Inside I found three bars: A Dark Chocolate Amsterdam Liquorice and Hemp Bar (£3.50), a Sea Salt & Caramel Bar (£3.50) and a Lemon & Poppy Seeds Creamy White Bar (£2.29)

The first came in a cardboard box, designed to look like an old postcard from Amsterdam and on opening it up was met with a lovely looking dark chocolate bar decorated with butterflies.Usually preferring the Dark Side to the usual milk or white chocolate I was eager to try this bar but when I did was a little disappointed in the flavour that was promised.The immediate reaction was “well this just tastes like a really nice dark chocolate but I can’t taste either liquorice or hemp” but when the chocolate was long gone from my mouth a slight liquorice-y after taste lingered.

Though I’m not a fan of that particular flavour usually it was quite a nice surprise. Not sure I’d buy this bar myself but it would be a nice gift.

Onto the Sea Salt & Caramel Bar.This was my absolute favourite of the three. The decorative use of the caramel and sea salt on the milk chocolate bar was showcased in a cellophane wrapper and on tasting I found that the chunky pieces lent themselves to creating a gloriously crunchy chocolate bar.Perhaps my preference of savoury snacks over sweet made me like this more than the others but the fact that I found it really hard to put down and that is disappeared in very little time speaks for itself. Would buy this one again in a heartbeat.

Finally the  Lemon & Poppy Seeds Creamy White Bar. Although an unusual pairing of poppy seeds in a chocolate bar I was curious to dig into this particular bar. So curious, in fact, that this was the first one I opened even though it was at the bottom of the box.

The creamy white chocolate was interspersed with the tiny black poppy seeds and popping it into my mouth on a cold Winter’s evening transported me back to the heady Summer warmth. The lemon flavour was not overpowering and the poppy seeds gave it an added bite. I could imagine eating this in the garden with a cold, crisp, white wine or a small tot of Limoncello it was so refreshing and a real eye-opener to what other chocolate flavour possibilities are on the market.aving tried and tested just this small sample of what Chocolat Lovers have to offer I’m sure I’ll be paying a visit to their website very soon.

Chocolat Lovers have some great Christmas gifts if you’re still struggling to find that perfect gift from Chocolate canvases, cars, teddies and trains that double up at tree decorations, as well as brilliant chocolate hampers.



Chocolate Week Newsletter – December 2013

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier’s Winter Warmer Hamper

Cosy up on those cold winter nights with that special someone and Iain Burnett’s luxurious winter warmer hamper, available from Chocolat Lovers. The hamper includes a box of 8 gourmet chocolates, two packets of luxury hot chocolate and two Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier mugs.




Living North December 2013

Chocolate Golf Balls - Living North November

Love Food & Love Drink – November 2013

If the chill is starting to dull the senses, give yourself a warm, gooey feeling with a cup of outrageously indulgent Drinking Fudge from The Fudge Kitchen.   Just in time for the season where we can all pile on guilt-free pounds, the Christmas Drinking Fudge range contains 6 flavours of molten loveliness to keep you going through the week, including Classic Chocolate, Irish Cream and Winter Spice.  With each box coming beautifully packaged, they also make a great gift idea – if you can bring yourself to give them away! £8 from


Confectionary Special 2013

Charlotte Davey, Chocolat Lovers

5 Top 5 Bestselling Products; Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier – The Chocolate Collection, Seed & Bean Indulge Box, Lucky’s – Tiny Pieces of Wonderland Gorgeous Treat Feast, Fudge Kitchen – The Ultimate Miniature Collection, Daskalides – Selection of Belgian Pralines.

4 Top 4 Bestselling Chocolate Bars; The Chocolate Tree – Strawbery & Pepper Organic, Seed & Bean – Chilli & Lime Dark Bar, Charlotte Flower – Meadowsweet White Bar, Artisan du Chocolat – Breakfast in Bed Dark Chocolate Wild Bar.

3 Top 3 Bestselling Retro Products; Gorvett & Stone Pink Champagne Truffles, Iain Burnett – Just Pralines, Daskalides – Coeur D’Amour Box of Mixed Belgian Chocolates.

2 Exciting New Products – Artisan du Chocolat – Couture Dragees in Lavender, Neroli, Orchid or Rose, Lucky’s Online – Bespoke Wedding Favours – mini roses, or Exuberance.

1 Thing which would make business better for you; we would like people to understand the extent of our product range and to see that we not only cater for the usual chocolate requests,  but for everyone’s needs from sugar, wheat , gluten, and dairy-free to Kosher and diabetic, ethical, Fairtrade, vegan and vegetarian.  Also, we’d like to banish the misconception that good quality chocolate is the super intense dark 90% cocoa , to educate people that chocolate is an affordable luxury and even the good stuff doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Confectionary Special  2013

Tincture Blog Chocolat Lovers 1st November 2013

The U.K.’s largest chocolate hamper, given away as a prize by Chocolat Lovers, was on display at Salon du Chocolat London. Chocolat Lovers is a luxury online boutique for chocolate gifts. Their brand partners range from niche companies to award-winning chocolatiers. Delighted that this included Iain Burnett, I ordered a box of his sumptuous Velvet Truffles, and will be devouring them soon.

While Salon du Chocolat Paris is underway, I caught up with Chocolat Lovers PR & Marketing Director Charlotte Davey.

What inspired the Chocolat Lovers name and logo?

“The movie “Chocolat” inspired our brand name, because everyone who tasted it fell in love with her chocolate collection and became Chocolat Lovers. Our collection was created by choosing to work with only the finest U.K. artisan chocolatiers. The heart logo reflects the passion that we hold and the love that our customers have for luxury chocolate.”

Since your online chocolate boutique started in October 2012, how has your collection evolved?

“We continue to evolve the collection to keep it fresh and also ensure that we are offering what the customer wants.

Our chocolatiers are always creating new and exciting designs, flavours and seasonal products.  See our Fish & ChipsGolf Balls, Christmas Coal, a fair-trade hamper from Seed & Bean, and a lifestyle shot from our raw brandMulu”:

“Consultation with customers has helped us shape our collection and add in products that were missing in the beginning. There is a real focus on specialist dietary chocolate, so we have extended our range. We launched a members club called Club ChocElite. We also understand how much our customers enjoy cooking, baking and reading about all things chocolate, so we aim to keep the site and our social media platforms fresh with new recipe ideas, interesting stories, anecdotes and fabulously chocolatey pictures!”

How important to your brand is offering fair-trade accredited, sustainable, ethically sourced chocolate brands?

“We are finding more and more that people are sourcing and interested in trying out ethically sourced, fair-trade products. Raw chocolate is very much on the increase as well. Word is spreading that eating ethically sourced, fair-trade chocolate not only tastes better than they could have imagined, but gives you a good moral feeling too!   At recent events we have sampled raw chocolate to visitors and a vast number of people have been pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes, its smooth texture, it not being bitter, and all without the unnatural elements added to a lot of other chocolate.”

What was Chocolat Lovers’ most successful brand campaign?

“We have only been launched for one year so all major calendar events have been a first so far for us. However, in part due to the nature of our name – Chocolat Lovers, Valentines Day was great for us as we not only offer chocolates we have an artisan champagne brand French Bubbles on the site and also a florist called OnlyRoses. So we were able to offer the perfect Valentines package.”

What inspired your recent Caring and Sharing campaign, where you gave away the UK’s largest chocolate hamper?

“We feel very strongly that all businesses should “give back” to the community and encourage others to do the same. Most people have very good intentions of supporting a charity whether it be local, national or overseas, but somehow just don’t get around to doing it. Our Caring and Sharing campaign “The Biggest Chocolate Hamper lottery” was a way for Chocolat Lovers to support two charities, The Sick Children’s Trust and Alzheimer’s Society. The promotion gave our customers, Facebook and Twitter followers, McArthurglen Shoppers and

all visitors to Salon du Chocolat at Olympia a chance to win over £500 of luxury chocolate to share with family, friends and work colleagues whilst caring for others through their donations.”

Thanks Charlotte! Great to learn about this new and fabulous online chocolate boutique!

Confectionary Special 2013

Charlotte Davey, Chocolat Lovers

5 Top 5 Bestselling Products; Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier – The Chocolate Collection, Seed & Bean Indulge Box, Lucky’s – Tiny Pieces of Wonderland Gorgeous Treat Feast, Fudge Kitchen – The Ultimate Miniature Collection, Daskalides – Selection of Belgian Pralines.

4 Top 4 Bestselling Chocolate Bars; The Chocolate Tree – Strawbery & Pepper Organic, Seed & Bean – Chilli & Lime Dark Bar, Charlotte Flower – Meadowsweet White Bar, Artisan du Chocolat – Breakfast in Bed Dark Chocolate Wild Bar.

3 Top 3 Bestselling Retro Products; Gorvett & Stone Pink Champagne Truffles, Iain Burnett – Just Pralines, Daskalides – Coeur D’Amour Box of Mixed Belgian Chocolates.

2 Exciting New Products – Artisan du Chocolat – Couture Dragees in Lavender, Neroli, Orchid or Rose, Lucky’s Online – Bespoke Wedding Favours – mini roses, or Exuberance.

1 Thing which would make business better for you; we would like people to understand the extent of our product range and to see that we not only cater for the usual chocolate requests,  but for everyone’s needs from sugar, wheat , gluten, and dairy-free to Kosher and diabetic, ethical, Fairtrade, vegan and vegetarian.  Also, we’d like to banish the misconception that good quality chocolate is the super intense dark 90% cocoa , to educate people that chocolate is an affordable luxury and even the good stuff doesn’t have to cost the earth.


Confectionary Special  2013

Green & Ethical Guardian Supplement September 2013

Chocolat Lovers online boutique offers only the finest in artisan, award winning, handmade chocolates from a handpicked collection of UKs highest quality chocolatiers.  The part of the range dedicated to ethically sourced, sustainable and fairtrade accredited brands is ever growing, offering the consumer a broad selection of innovatively flavoured, thoughtfully produced delicious chocolate – indulge with a clear conscience.

The Press York – 17th September 2013 Biggest Chocolate Hamper

A Chocoholic’s dream is about to make an appearance at York Designer Outlet in time for the end of National Chocolate Week.  Customers will have a chance to win what has been billed as the UKs Biggest Chocolate Hamper which contains 50 chocolate products and will arrive on September 22nd.

It was created by Chocolat Lovers online boutique, and brands including Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier, Paul Wayne Gregory, Cocomaya & Fudge Kitchen are included.  Chocoholics can be entered into a prize draw to win the hamper by pledging money to a charity appeal for The Alzheimers Society and The Sick Children’s Trust.  To pledge go to

York Biggest Chocolate Hamper Coverage

Hucknall Dispatch – Biggest Chocolate Hamper 16th September 2013

Chocoholics were in for a treat last week when the UK’s largest chocolate hamper payed a visit to the East Midlands Designer Outlet.

The hamper, which was created by online boutique Chocolat Lovers, contained over 50 different products from brands including Iain Burnett, Highland Chocolatier, Paul Wayne Gregory, Cocomaya and Fudge Kitchen.

It visited the South Normanton centre as part of a tour of the UK, and coincided with the end of National Chocolate Week.

And chocolate enthusiasts can have a go at winning the entire hamper, with all money raised going to The Alzheimers Society and The Sick Children’s Trust, organisers said.

Centre manager Kenny Murray told the Chad: “We were delighted to welcome the biggest chocolate hamper to the centre and to raise money for such great causes. “

National Chocolate Week 2013 was a celebration of all things chocolate, and included tastings and events from the UK’s best producers.

Enjoyed by millions today, the tasty treate originated from South America around 4,000 years ago and comes from the cacao tree.

Used as a treatment for fatigue by the Aztecs, chocolate was consumed as a drink until relatively recently, and was brought to Europe by the Spanish in 1527.

To enter the competition and stand a chance of winning the hamper, go to

Pictured: Lisa Morrow from Chocolat Lovers, with the UK’s biggest chocolate hamper at the East Midlands Designer Outlet.


Chocolate Week 12th September 2013


How would you like to get your hands on a hamper crammed with over £500-worth of scrumptious chocolates made by the UK’s finest chocolatiers?

Chocolat Lovers‘ promotion is all about “Caring and sharing” and by buying a £1 lottery ticket you not only have the chance to win this amazing prize, but also help The Sick Children’s Trust and Alzheimer’s Society. The more tickets you buy, the more people you’ll help!

 The Biggest Chocolate Hamper that you’ve ever seen will be on display in McArthurGlen Designer Outlets on: Friday 13th September at East Midlands, Sunday 22nd September at York and Saturday 28th September at Swindon. It will also be at Salon du Chocolat so be sure to check it out when you visit the show!

Viva Magazine July 2013

Summer has a tendency to bring out a human’s more sociable side – and, when you have finally invited folks round following months of cold isolation, you’ll want to make it special.  Dazzle them with handmade delights from La Sagra’s Squizitezza range of vegan chocolates.  Unique, these are packaged in small pots and can be eaten like a mousse or a truffle or warmed up to produce a fondue for dipping the crunchy biscuits that are provided.  The Salted Caramel and Pecan stood not chance in the face of ravenous Viva staff!   Creme Brule disappeared without a trace.  It contains four 30ml pots – each a different flavour – and a generous provision of biscuits for £10.  Available online at July 2013

Aberdeen Express 12th September 2013

Aberdeen Express 12th September 2013Just in – Chocolate Lovers Fish & Chips are made from Valrhona chocolate £16.95

Chocolate Week Newsletter August 2013

fnImage.ASP.151518It’s wedding season and that means brides and grooms up and down the country making a hundred and one decisions about their big day. If that includes you, pay a visit to Chocolat Lovers, the ultimate online chocolate boutique, for wedding favour inspiration that is both stylish and delicious.

Lucky’s Online have a selection of indulgent favours created using their award winning chocolate. The Mini Roses box is personalised with the bride and grooms initials, wrapped in pretty satin ribbon in a colour of your choice with three delicate roses sitting on top and filled with the most delicious selection of chocolates filled with cake…. Or maybe the Exuberance; these little treats comes with a delicate crystal buckle on the side of the foiled box with a pretty cream roses.

Chocart London, the bespoke chocolate company, give you pretty much a free reign to design your own personalized design on their chocolate bars, maybe with pictures of the happy couple, their names, or the date and time of the wedding.

Aberdeen Express September 2013

The Tweedle Twins are Luckys exclusive collection of cakes in a jar.  They are composed of a layer of delicious cake and creamy topping.  They may look small but don’t be fooled in Wonderland everything is not what it seems and each jar is the perfect size for a small dessert or to indulge in with a cup of coffee.  Offered in a set of six jars, they are ideal for a small dinner party, afternoon teas, or for a sweet indulgence over the weekend.

Visit priced at £13JPEG Aberdeen Express for Media Lounge

You & Your Wedding Mood Board August 2013

For a modern twist on traditional food we love these chocolate fish and chips. £16.95

SoFeminine 10th June 2013

Premier Magazine November 2012

Chocolat Lovers is a brand new way of shopping on-line for all things in luxury chocolate.

Mayfair Magazine November 2012

Mayfair Mag Nov 12Chocolate Connoisseur

Chocolat Lovers has shown us that no food group is exempt from entering the digital age.  The newly launched website gathers fine chocolates from across the country and delivers them to your doorstep.  You will find the finest treats from Artisan du Chocolat and Damian Allsop, among many other new and innovative chocolatiers – for those who are intrepid with their taste in chocolate.







Latest 7 – 11-17th June 2013

Chocolat Lovers handmade chocolate golf balls, £7.95 from

For Dads who love chocolates these will do down a treat.  Choose a theme around his favourite hobby such as these chocolate golf balls.

Hello! Magazine 17th December 2012



Praline Rochers £7 Artisan du Chocolat, from

Hello! Loves 15th October 2012

                                                                           Choc On

Visit to discover the latest way to indulge in luxurious chocolate.  The website boasts not just prestigious chocolate brands, but also top-quality patisserie and confectionary

Harpers Bazaar Hotlist 12th -18th October 2012

…..Indulge in online chocolate

Just launched this week, Chocolat Lovers is a brand new way of shopping online for all things in luxury chocolate.  The online boutique has got everything you need to satisfy that craving and treat friends alike;  it’s a clear and easy way to source fabulous foodie gifts, plan your wedding favours, or just stock up on your cupboards!  No cheap cocoa here – the site boasts only the finest collection of classic and contemporary luxury chocolate, patisserie and high-end confectionary from all corners of the UK, including Damian Allsop, Artisan du Chocolat, and Seed & Bean.  Plus – to learn more about chocolate, shoppers can visit the Academy, with exciting recipes from the Chocolate Kitchen written by award winning chocolatiers.

Daily Mail 11th October 2012

Website of the Week

Following news that chocolate reduces the risk of stroke and bad cholesterol, check out  It stocks a range of luxury brands, gift boxes, spreads and bars.  Who can resist a chilli and lime bar (£2.95) or the intruiging stick of chocolate dynamite (£4.95)?  Not us, that’s for sure

Chocolate Week Newsletter December 2012

Christmas is fast approaching and the new luxury online chocolate boutique Chocolat Lovers has the perfect gift and stocking fillers for everyone.

We love this cute Gingerbread-inspired house from Artisan du Chocolat, filled with salted caramels, honeycomb infused with gingerbread spices.  Visit Chocolat Lovers to purchase this and a delicious range of other treats from some of Chocolate Week’s favourite brands, Iain Burnett – The Highland Chocolatier, Lucky’s, Damian Allsop Chocolates and The Chocolate Tree also available.

Whether it’s advent calendars, chocolate cakes, boxed chocolates, hampers, drinking chocolates or melt in the mouth fudges, biscuits, pralines, truffles, the site is sure to provide something for every chocolate lover.

Chocolate Heaven Winter 2012

Chocolat Lovers

Chocolat Lovers is the ultimate online chocolate boutique.  Home to a stunning collection of the UK’s most prestigious luxury artisan chocolate brands.  The online boutique is brimming withe an extensive range of chocolates from boxes and bars, to handpicked hampers, drinking chocolates, fudges, pralines and truffles.  There’s even a range of specialist dietary products for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics, plus products that are free from sugar, gluten and alcohol.

Ont the site you’ll also find The Academy – a page dedicated to widening your chocolate knowledge.  There is more to chocolate than just eating it and in The Academy you will find a selection of chocolate making and tasting courses and demonstrations.  The courses can be tailored to your requirements and the chocolatiers will talk you through their specific methods, share the techniques that set them aside from others and then you have the chance to try it yourself.  To find out more visit

Since discovering we feel we have entered a whole new world of foodie heaven.  This website dedicated to luxury chocolate and confisserie, brings together unusual and eclectic brands for cocoa experts and novices alike.   It is thanks to this online oasis that we found Iain Burnett, the Scotsman who’s won awards for his melt-in-the-mouth truffles (truly amazing) as well as Damian Allsop, responsible for all sorts of quirky choco-creations, including Eat London bars, each inspired by and dedicated to a different part of the capital – they make great little gifts.

As a special Christmas treat, is offering one lucky winner the ultimate hamper containing a product from each of the brands on their site, worth over £100.   Just enter it below for your chance to win it, indulge, indulge, indulge.  Well, it is Christmas after all.


BYoutifulYou – November/December 2012

Burton Mail – Saturday Kitchen Weekender

Thinking festive when it comes to chocolate- inspired gift ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and the new luxury online chocolate boutique Chocolat Lovers has the perfect gift and stocking fillers for everyone.

The online boutique is brimming with treats from advent calendars, rich chocolate cakes, boxed chocolates, hampers smooth drinking chocolate, alongside melt in the mouth fudges, biscuits, pralines and truffles.

Advent Calendars are always a welcome and fun gift to count down and build the anticipation to Christmas and ‘Artisan du Chocolat’s’ fabulous reindeer calendar would put a smile on anybody’s face – young or old.

Boxed chocolates always bring a smile to any lucky recipient’s face on Christmas Day and the store has over 100 different options from which to choose, not forgetting bars either, which incidentally the boutique offers a whopping 70 different flavours, from milk, dark, white, seasalt, chilli, lime, cranberry and pecan.

Or for the ultimate chocolate lover, try a hamper.  Packed for pure pleasure, the hampers can be tailored to each person’s specific tastes.

For an indulgent mug of love, try some irresistible drinking chocolates and fudges – the perfect partner for chilly winter days and nights.



Aberdeen Express February 6th 2013

Chocolat Loves believes nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a gift of sweetness this Valentines Day.  Spoil the one you love with this large heart shaped box inspired by the beauty of tree growth rings, symbolising the growth and strengthening of love bands.  They are filled with all manner of chocolate delights including chocolate pearls, liquid sea salted caramels, couture chocolates and seasonal chocolate hearts filled with either a rich dark Colombian chocolate ganache or a velvety sweet milk chocolate with a hint of sea salt. Visit

Aberdeen Express 1 December 2012

My grand daughter is 14 years old and still loves an advent calendar at Christmas time.   Where can I buy her one that is more special than an average calendar?

We think your grand daughter would love this reindeer advent calendar from Chocolat Lovers.  The calendar has 24 drawers each filled with caramels, pralines and nuts it retails at £35 and is available from


The Index Magazine – October 2012

Chocs Away!

Kent-based Damian Allsop, who with his partner Anna Hernandez Piferrer are owners of Damian Allsop Ch2ocolates, has always loved chocolate and has been working with it as head pastry chef in Michelin-starred restaurants for nearly 20 years.  Working with some of the best chefs in England, France and Catalonia, the turning point came in February 2007 when he was introduced to the now legendary Chuao from Amedei.

It was then Damian realised the ingredients we add to our chocolate alter its flavour – a simple revelation that led him to find a way to mix water (a non-flavoured liquid) with chocolate.  He is now the first and only chocolatier in this country working in this medium, and the unique, water based ganache – all handmade and devoid of lactic flavour – creates a pure, intense taste and a lighter sensation.

You can buy Damian’s chocolates from Eridge Park Farm Shop or online via the newly launched Chocolat Lovers

Damian also holds regular chocolate tasting events at Eridge Park Farm Shop at Bunny Lane, East Sussex, TN3 9JR.