National Chocolate Milk Day – 27th September 2015

Hot Chocolate from Chocolat Lovers

On the 27th September 2015 it’s National Chocolate Milk day, so celebrate the day by enjoying a nice cold or warm glass of chocolate milk.


There are a few stories as to when chocolate milk was first created. History shows that chocolate milk was first invented in the 1680’s by Hans Sloane while he was in Jamaica. He encountered tasting cocoa mixed with water, something the locals were very fond of. However, Sloanes was the total opposite and found it quite sickening and found mixing the cocoa with milk made it more bearable, to which he brought the recipe back to the UK and it’s now enjoyed by many every day.


However, others suggest that smooth drinking milk chocolate was created in the 1820’s by the Van Houten Company in Amsterdam; they invented a cocoa pressing method so that the cocoa was pressed into a light fluffy powder that could be added to water and milk. Either way we still enjoy it!


Here at Chocolat Lovers we love our chocolate hot and have a range of products to help you enjoy this day in luxury chocolate style.


Made using flakes of 64% cocoa Madagascan dark chocolate, we have the House Drinking Chocolate from Gorvett & Stone which is perfect whisked into hot milk giving a delicious dark and fruity chocolate drink. Another sweet treat from Gorvett & Stone are the Hot Chocolate Sticks, all you do is swirl the lumps of chocolate in hot milk to quickly make a mouth-watering drinking chocolate, the sticks are available in either milk or dark chocolate.


The Fudge Kitchen offer the Drinking Fudge Selections which is a mixture of hot chocolate flavours including Tangy Orange, Moreish Mint and Mocha Choca Madness. As well as being a suitable treat for yourself for the national chocolate milk day, it’s also ideal as a luxury chocolate gift stocking filler.


One of the latest products available from Chocolat Lovers is the Chocolate Teapot by Schokolat, a British based manufacturer of novelty chocolate gifts. The teapot is life-sized and comes with a removable lid, you simply fill the teapot with hot water, stir in some cocoa powder and pour the warm chocolate milk. When you and your family or friends are finished with the hot chocolate, add more water to create a gooey fondue and dip marshmallows and strawberries, after you can eat the teapot!


If you are interested in any of our hot luxury chocolate ideas visit the relevant pages to get yours in time for national chocolate milk day.

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