An all British collaboration with Schokolat, Novelty Chocolate Gifts!

Schokolat Novelty Gift Chocolate

Exciting news here at Chocolat Lovers, we are now brand partners of Schokolat, a British based manufacturer of novelty chocolate gifts.


All of the products are handmade using the finest quality chocolate (58% cocoa solids) and are made to look exactly like their wooden and metal counterparts, such as spanners, horseshoes and nuts & bolts.


The novelty chocolate are ideal gifts for Christmas, especially the Chocolate Nut Cracker. Don’t be fooled though, this won’t really work but you can play a festive joke on your guests this Christmas! Another customer favourite already is the Chocolate Bottle Opener & Cap, we have even had some customers trying to use it!


Here at Chocolat Lovers we love the Chocolate Teapot. The expert team at Schokolat have carefully created this life-size chocolate teapot with a removable lid. The teapot can be used in a number of ways; you can fill it with hot water, add cocoa powder, stir and serve. You can also add more water to the teapot to create a fondue ideal for dipping strawberries and marshmallows. Once you are finished with the teapot, simply empty any remaining hot water and eat away!


If you want to view the full range of novelty gifts from Schokolat please visit the novelty section of our site.

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