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Charlotte Flower Chocolates

We believe very strongly in business being fair and environmentally sound. Having worked in the environment and development for many years, we know how easy that is to say, but how complex and difficult it is to achieve. We feel that our best strategy to achieve this is to be informed and as we hope for transparency in the industry supply chains, so we should be equally open with information about our own business.
There are a range of questions that we ask whenever we make a decision:
Is it Fairtrade? If not, can we assess ourselves how ‘ethical’ we think the company is?
Is it locally available? Our preference is to use local businesses as much as possible for sourcing ingredients, this includes the boxes.
Is it organic? What is the impact on the environment?
We tend to be pragmatic about our sourcing though: we weigh up the above factors and make a decision taking all these into consideration. Suppliers are sourcing more and more ingredients with these factors in mind and so what we may not be able to source now, might well be available next year and so we are constantly reviewing these choices.