Personlised Chocolate:

YOUR BRAND ON CHOCOLATE - A unique, exciting and delicious concept in branded a whole new meaning to brand communication, which lets you stand out and be different... THE CHOCOLATE - Using a unique and secret process, white chocolate is used to create unbelievably high-resolution and detailed photographs, illustrations and text on Belgian dark chocolate (70% cocoa). The chocolates are all complemented with your choice of beautiful and personalised packaging. These unique chocolates have been supplied to companies ranging from small independants to some of the world’s leading brands. Starting from a minimum order of only 100 units, there is something to suit everyone and proves to be an effective method in always get people talking.
Tag Heuer Chocolates in a Magnetised Box
Descamps Chocolates in a Hat-Top Box
Roberto Cavalli Chocolates in an Open-Ended Box
Sephora Chocolates in an Open-Ended Box
Fred Jewellers Chocolate in an Envelope Box
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