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White Chocolate Thins flavoured Meadowsweet
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Chocolate Thins - Meadowsweet Flavoured White Chocolate

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Beautifully patterned discs of  white chocolate, 10-12 discs in a box. (100g)

We are making our own white chocolate for this product, using undeodorised cocoa butter from Madagascar. The chocolate has high levels of cocoa butter, which means less sugar and the cocoa butter retains natural flavour from the bean. We infuse meadowsweet flowers, picked on the south shore of Loch Tay, to flavour this chocolate. Meadowsweet has a range of flavours - from bitter almond to a delicate liquorice and is the background note to summer as meadowsweet grows almost everywhere. Customers have described this chocolate as the 'taste of summer picnics'.

White chocolate (cocoa solids 40% minimum: cocoa butter (origin: Madagascar), cane sugar, whole MILK powder (30%), cocoa butter flavoured with meadowsweet flowers (may contain pollen).