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Relish Publications is a British publishing house that specialises in fine dining cookery books. Focusing on Britain's Michelin-starred chefs and fine dining restaurants, it services the hospitality industry throughout the United Kingdom. It works with more Michelin starred chefs than any other publishing house. Relish books has been endorsed by such celebrity chefs as James Martin, Tom Kitchin, Michael Caines, James Sommerin, Gary Jones, Si King and other leading chefs. Relish Publications also creates bespoke books for chefs, including Jean-Christophe Novelli, whose Simply Novelli title was published in 2013. Founded in 2009 by Duncan Peters, the former Deputy Ad Director for Trinity Mirror, and his wife, Teresa, a former Events and Sponsorship Manager with the same company, the flourishing company has worked with more than 1,500 British chefs. The company produces regional cookery books, from Devon and Cornwall all the way up to the Highlands of Scotland. Each book typically features a starter, main course and dessert across a ten-page spread from between 20 and 30 regional chefs, though some feature more. Previous editions have included Relish North East,Relish Midlands, Relish Cotswolds and Oxfordshire, Relish Scotland, Relish Wales, Relish North East and Yorkshire, Relish Cumbria, Relish South West, Relish Greater Manchester and Cheshire, Relish Merseyside and Lancashire, Relish Cumbria Second Helping, Relish Wales - Second Helping and Relish Scotland - Second Helping. The company aims to produce four such titles each year. [10] The company aims to produce four such titles each year. The company works with some of the UKs finest designers and food photographers, including Tim Green and Andy Richardson. Relish cook books are stocked in such outlets as Waterstones and Harvey Nicols and the titles have won great praise from the culinary sector. Restaurants view the books as have simultaneous benefit as both a promotional tool and a commercially viable product. The company has won a series of testimonials from prestigious chefs. Tom Kitchin said: "The Relish Cookbook offers some great inspiration to make the most of these wonderful ingredients in season." Michael Caines said: "These books are packed full of delicious places to eat and delicious recipes to cook." Si King said: "Enjoy the book, I have." Gary Jones, from Le Manoir, said: "The book brings together some of the most talented chefs from the region. In shines the spotlight on the ways in which fresh, seasonal, local ingredients are put to good use."
Relish North East and Yorkshire £20.00
Relish North West £20.00
Relish Wales Second Helping £20.00
Relish Scotland Second Helping £20.00
Relish South West £20.00
Cotswolds and Oxfordshire £20.00
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