Single Origin Chocolate:

This single origin collection includes cocoa beans sourced from Columbia, Dominican, Java, Ecuador, Peru and Madagascar guaranteed to wow the most discerning chocolate lover. We'll also give you a special introduction to one of the few Bean to Bar chocolatiers in the UK. Enjoy the sheer pleasure that comes from tasting the different notes created by using only the finest ethically sourced and fair trade slowly roasted beans from around the world.
Organic Fairtrade Extra Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Cornish Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Mandarin and Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic and Fairtrade Lavender Dark Chocolate £2.95
elderflower chocolate bar £6.00
Scots pine flavoured chocolate bar wrapper £6.00
Smoked Hebridean sea salt and Java milk chocolate bar in wrapper £6.00
white chocolate thins in a box £12.00
Scots pine thins in box £12.00
Stack of chocolate thins
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