Specialist Dietary:

Just because you may have a specialist dietary requirement doesn't mean you have to miss out on luxury chocolate. Browse our selection of vegan, dairy free & gluten free chocolate bars, desserts and sauces.
Organic Fairtrade Chilli and Lime Dark Chocolate Bar £2.69
Organic Fairtrade Extra Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Lemon & Cardamom Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Coffee Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Cornish Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Lemon & Poppy Seeds Creamy White Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Rich Milk Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Mint Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic Fairtrade Mandarin and Ginger Dark Chocolate Bar £2.95
Organic and Fairtrade Lavender Dark Chocolate £2.95
Raw Halo Pure Mylk £2.99 - £14.99
Raw Halo Pure Dark £2.99 - £14.99
elderflower chocolate bar £6.00
Scots pine flavoured chocolate bar wrapper £6.00
Smoked Hebridean sea salt and Java milk chocolate bar in wrapper £6.00
white chocolate thins in a box £12.00
Scots pine thins in box £12.00
Stack of chocolate thins
Champagne Lacroix Pinot noir pinot meunier chardonnay elegant perfect gift crowd pleaser £28.00
Champagne Father day Muscular perfect gift Pinot noir Thank-you crowd pleaser popular £28.00
Rose Pink Champagne milk chocolate with honey romantic love valentines £37.00
Coporate gift mothers day perfect champagne blanc de noirs pinot noir bitrh day £37.00
Champagne perfect gift Chardonnay  Blanc de Blancs Motherday Birthday £38.00
Premium Champagne connoisseur present Grand vinatge 2004 chardonnay. Krug wooden box.
Waris-Larmandier’s Empreinte Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru was particularly special, his stellar offering from the magnificent 2002 vintage – very complete already, with great depth, structure and complexity, and still affordable. £65.00
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